Music is undeniably, one of the most abstract and diverted forms of art. I always thought the design of a turntable should share the same passion and artistic principals of a musical masterpiece.


The ultimate goal of a hi-fi turn table is to re-create the purest and uncontaminated of sounds; this essence of sound is both the terminus and the concept of this design. This beautify crafted product is a sculpture of sound which reproduces sound.


As a turntable it is among one of the best performing hi–fi turntables available and this unparalleled performance is both indicated and amplified by its unique form and design aspects; joining form and function in a spiritual union to embody the Calliope turntable.

Deniz Karasahin

Each Calliope turntable is a testament of quality; build with the mission of attaining the absolute best result in every aspect of the production. An obsessive cost no-object approach in every component, from used materials to finishes.


Our products are the result of a unique blend of high-tech and traditional means of production, creating a ground for both technology and tradition to do their best and that is why a Calliope turntable feels, looks and sounds like nothing else.

In order to live up to your artistic and audiophile expectations, we offer customized services to our clients as we are well aware that both subjective tastes require meticulous work tailored around your heart and soul.


As a final personal touch to the standard Calliope turntable, there is a wide selection of tropical and European hard woods, different material options for the platter and gold plaiting is available on demand.

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