This is one of the most unique and exciting achievements of a Calliope turntable, using the relationship between the form of an object and its resonance frequencies to dramatically improve the fidelity of the sound. It is the link between our artistic sound wave concept and mechanical vibrations.


Using a finite element simulation software and backing up this data with real life measurements, form of the platter and the main elements of a Calliope turntable are optimized to reduce the resonance frequencies to minimum values.


When compared with conventional designs these unique forms have considerably more surface areas and irregular material thicknesses, which results in significantly decreased resonance frequencies; the outcome is a dramatic increase in sound clarity and focus.

In time as we experimented with different materials we came to realize that the sound became more involving, more life like as we used materials and production technologies used in instrument making.


The mirror finish components of the turntable are from copper rich brass, commonly used in top-end wind instruments. The dynamically balanced platter is from stainless steel, used in many bells plus its anti-magnetic capabilities ensure that the cartridge is not affected in any way. For standardizing the acoustic signature of these components they are all sent to annealing for internal stress relief for weeks, a rare technique only used by the most ambitious instrument makers.


Although there are many options available the hardwood components of the standard Calliope turntable are from Rosewood which is widely used in fingerboards of stringed instruments. Once they are carved in to the desired form these components are infused with unique a blend of mineral oils, this is also a rare technique for protecting the wood and improving the harmonics. These components are then varnished with the highest possible quality varnishes fallowed by buffing.

In order to fully comprehend the beauty in anything, one must first get rid of any distractions and give it proper space to exist, in a sound system the absence of undesired sound is as equally important as the desired sound. Fallowing this philosophy we turned the entire body of the turntable in to a multi-level vibration isolator.


The main body of the turn table sits on three synthetic ruby ball bearings these ball bearings are part of a damping system of many layers which incorporates five different materials with very different resonance frequencies. This system is also isolated from the main brass body with another layer of damping material. Plus the arm board and the platter are also isolated from the main body with different layers of damping material.


The inverted bearing carrying the 22kg platter runs only on bearing oil, meaning that there is no solid contact with the bearing. Finally the bearing oil that we are using has vibration absorption capabilities, providing the best possible vibration damping possible.

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