Extremely demanding, is probably the best way of describing the production of a Calliope turntable. It would be absolutely impossible to sculpt metal and wood to the desired form without a state of the art C.N.C. machine and it would still be impossible to achieve the acceptable surface quality without hand polishing.


A very simplified summary of producing a Calliope turntable includes; annealing for internal stress relief, C.N.C milling, lathing, infusion with our unique blend of mineral oils, polyester resin casting, numerous stages of sanding and polishing fallowed by spray painting and electroplating.

We are using a Japanese made, IP 65 standard, state of the art Brushless Dc engine with a micro controller, developed for high precision industrial and medical applications, providing excellent speed and torque stability with minimal noise.

Apart from the micro controller there are reflective surfaces beneath the platter providing R.P.M data to the optical tachometer located on the main body of the turntable. This data is reflected on the screen of the control unit for providing extremely precise instant R.P.M data.

The engine housing; 145 X 290 X 125 mms, 5 kilograms.


The control unit; 255 X 355 X 100 mms, 9 kilograms.


The mail body (including platter); 490 X 445 X 143 mms, 48 kilograms.

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